Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee
Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee
Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee
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Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee

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Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee is a premium coffee that hails from the picturesque coffee-growing region of Costa Rica. Cultivated in the fertile lands of the Campana region, this coffee stands out for its exceptional quality, vibrant flavors, and unique growing altitudes.

The coffee beans used to produce Costa Rica SHB Campana Coffee are grown at high altitudes, specifically at altitudes above 1,300 meters, qualifying it as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). This distinction is a testament to the coffee's exceptional quality, as the higher altitudes contribute to its superior taste and flavor characteristics.

The altitude of the Campana region plays a crucial role in the coffee's flavor profile. The cool temperatures and mountainous terrain slow down the coffee cherry's maturation process, allowing the beans to develop more complex flavors and a pronounced acidity. This results in a cup of coffee with bright, vibrant notes and a delightful, lively acidity that adds a refreshing twist to each sip.

Available grinds:

  • Whole coffee bean
  • Cafetiere coffee
  • Filter coffee
  • Aeropress coffee
  • Espresso coffee

All our coffee is roasted at our independent family-run coffee roastery business in Norfolk, UK. 

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