Java Bayukidul: A Coffee Journey Through East Java's Heart

Java Bayukidul: A Coffee Journey Through East Java's Heart

Nestled in the Ijen Plateau of East Java Island, Tropic’s Grade 1 Java Bayukidul Estate coffee takes us on a sensory adventure through the vibrant landscapes and rich traditions of Indonesia's coffee haven.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the unique flavours, history, and charm that make Java Bayukidul a truly captivating coffee experience.

Flavour Profile

Tropic Coffee’s Java Bayukidul Estate Grade 1 Coffee is a A medium body, full-flavoured coffee with a superb spicy background.

Harvested in East Java's Highlands

The beans of Java Bayukidul thrive in Ijen Plateau, soaking up the sun at altitudes ranging from 1,100 to 1600 metres. This region, near the town of Malang, is surrounded by active volcanoes—Ijen and Raung. The lower slopes, with their rich soil, create the perfect conditions for cultivating this exceptional Arabica variety, known as Typica.

Bayukidul Estate: Where Tradition and Quality Meet

Spread across 100 hectares, the Bayukidul Estate stands as a symbol of dedication among smallholder coffee farmers. Nestled among clove and sugar cane farms, this estate, along with its neighbouring private estates, contributes to the production of about 100 tons. The estate has become synonymous with Washed coffees, boasting shared facilities that ensure a careful washing process.

Sulphur Mines and Volcanic Essence

Close to Ijen Mountain, renowned for its sulphur production, Java Bayukiul gains a unique touch. The sulphur deposits and the rugged terrain, where workers hand-carry sulphur down the mountain, create a distinct flavour influenced by the volcanic landscape. The Ijen and Raung Mountains, with peaks rising to 2800 and 3300 metres above sea level, cast a protective shadow over the fertile slopes, creating an ideal environment for these specialty Washed coffees.

Washed Process

Handled by PT Asal Jaya in Dampit-Malang, the Bayukidul Estate coffees, WIB1 and A/WP1, boast a meticulous Washed process. Thanks to the efficient processing facilities within the same catchment area, these Washed coffees maintain good availability throughout the season.

Indonesian Coffee Heritage

Indonesia's love affair with coffee began in the mid-seventeenth century when the Dutch brought this rich bean to the region. Indonesia boasts the world's first commercial coffee plantations. Despite challenges, including a devastating root disease in 1877, the country rebounded, replanting with coffee trees primarily from Africa. Today, Indonesia is a significant producer of Robusta beans, but Arabica beans, like Java Bayukiul, shine in regions such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, Flores, Bali, and of course, Java.

Taste Tropic Coffee’s Java Bayukiul

Indulge in the robust, complex flavours of Java Bayukiul, where each sip encapsulates the essence of East Java's coffee heart. With notes of sweet, chocolate, almond, honey, and peach aromas and a good acidity, this coffee promises a journey to the heart of Indonesian coffee heritage.

So why not try it for yourself? Buy Tropic Coffee’s Java Bayukidul Estate Grade 1 Coffee now.