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Your Branded Coffee

Private Label

At Tropic, we specialize in creating private label packaging that distinguishes your brand from the rest. Our cutting-edge technology and optimized processes, we are equipped to produce premium private label coffee for clients across the country.

Captain Fawcett branded coffee

Your Brand's Coffee

Branded packaging is extremely popular with a huge range of our customers for different reasons. From food Halls to brands to deli’s, our customers love being able to build their ranges in a way that is unique to them. Wholesalers can supply bulk to their customers using their brand and cafes, pubs and restaurants can serve their own brand of coffee, creating a unique customer experience.

Branded Packaging

Within our roastery we have packing lines that are equipped with the latest ICE thermal transfer printers, delivering versatile, reliable and accurate coding for flexible packaging; as a result we can print any large, high-quality image in a solid colour (supplied as JPG) onto all bags types. 

Private packaging using thermal printers for customer coffee bags


Pre-made bags and pouches (with valves)

Choose from a wide range of pre-made packaging including bags and pouches in varying colours and textures - from 100g to 1kg.

We can pack whole beans or different types of grinds, depending on what you are looking to offer.

For those looking at single use packs such as sachets, cafetière bags or bedroom packs, we also have separate packing lines available.

Custom Packaging - Looking for something original or unique as a way to present your coffee? Our team can source and provide all manner of bags and suggest example ways for you to get that added stand-out factor.

Captain Fawcett Branded Packaging Example
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