Martin and david sanctuary using the min sample three kilo sample roaster

EST. 1983

An Independent Family Business

Tropic Coffee Ltd has been blending and roasting fine coffee for nearly 40 Years.

Founded in 1983 by the Managing Director Martin Sanctuary the Company remains family owned and operates from its factory in the historic town of Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

old photo of the roasting room many years ago

The Early Days

Having returned from working with a large producer in London, Martin set up a small single unit roastery (in one of our existing units). Here, is a photo taken when tropic first openned setting up the roaster.


Martin, Julie, and son, David, are all involved. Having been around coffee and the business since a young age, David has progressively picked up the art of blending, roasting and tasting whilst also bringing a new dimension to the business. David leads in-house training and supports in day to day business management.

coffee tasting and cupping session

Our Name

Why Tropic?

Countries around the belt of the tropics globally are perfect coffee growing regions - it's about Seventy in total.

Now you know!

Barista Training photo shown there is a heart

Why We Love Coffee

It never ceases to amaze us how coffee continues to grow in popularity. For us it's a hugely fascinating subject that we never stop learning about. Coffee growing regions are vulnerable to natural influence, and therefore so much can change year on year. As a market, it gets caught up in politics and therefore no two days are the same in the world of coffee.