Conti Espresso machines for Barista Training in our demo room

Coffee Making Equipment

We can take the worry and stress out of choosing the right equipment. We offer great packages to get you started serving perfect coffee whatever your scenario or budget - whether it’s the finest handmade espresso machine or a self service whole bean set up.

Brands We Supply

We are distributors for two brands, and provide outright purchase or leasing options for a full barista set up. Everything we supply is top quality and represents excellent value and different ends of the spectrum.

We have examples of both brands in our Roastery to demonstrate.

Conti Espresso machine

Conti Espresso Machines

Over 65 years of manufacturing expertise, Conti hand make their machines in Monaco.Conti’s UK base is nestled in a quiet corner
of Hertfordshire countryside.

Easy to use, extremely reliable and with great speed of service. You can’t go wrong with a Conti espresso machine.

CC202 most universal machine, being perfectly home in a high street coffee shop, hotel lobby, village pub or modern office.

San Remo Machines

Sanremo UK was established in 2006 by Andrew Tucker. The latest technology in espresso machines. Designed by baristas, handmade in Italy and proven to use upto 50% less energy than many other espresso machines. San Remo focus only on creating the very best coffee - whatever grade you go for, expect it to be best-in-class.

San Remo espresso coffee machine
black and white image of a coffee being made on the coffee machine

Hard Water

In hard water areas (like Norfolk) a Water treatment unit is essential to every installation, this will keep your machine in peak condition for years to come and also ensure your coffee is of the highest quality without any nasties!

small latte heart in a espresso cup

Start Ups

Starting a business serving coffee or expanding? Our Start Up kits are perfect to ensure you have all you need, including jugs, grinders and more. Check out our Start ups page for more information.

San Remo Coffee Machine


We will install your machines in any set up where the utilities are in place and ready. We will also train you on how to use your machines as well as showing you how to clean and maintain them.

coffee tasting

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