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Bespoke Blends / Coffee Matching

Do you have a particular taste you want to achieve? Or maybe your existing supplier is struggling with consistency? There are lots of reasons why you may want a completely unique blend or to match an existing coffee.

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Creating Or Matching?

Experts in Flavour Profile

At Tropic we pride ourselves on being absolute experts when it comes to the flavour profiles of different beans and the potential of different roasts and blends. We have been perfecting the art for 40 years, and whilst there is always more to learn, we have a really great knowledge of coffee beans from around the world. We also know our Roaster like the back of our hand. It’s this combination of product, manufacturing and experience that means we can either conjure you up something magnificent and unique or deliver an exact replica with competitive pricing and unrivalled consistency.

Our process when creating a blend is the following: 

1 - A preliminary consultancy to understand what you want to achieve

2 - Sampling of a flavour range

3 - Tasting, this is usually in our roastery where our facilities are on hand - this involves multiple variants.

4 - Approval

5 - Production

Once we have the recipe for your blend, we can continue to supply this to you on a regular basis.

Flexible Supply

We can also supply your bespoke blend in a multitude of ways depending on your use, and we are more than happy to present packaging ideas also.

To find our more about how we can add your brand to bags or package coffee to your brand’s specification use the link below

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