Lake District Adventure

Lake District Adventure

Early 5am, bags packed, dog fed its Wednesday leaving our Air BnB in Cockermouth for a short half hour drive to Lake Buttermere for the planned route in which we chose the very popular 4.5-mile Circular walk. Through the narrow Honister Pass past lake Crummock we arrived at a small car park a short walk from the lake.  


With a passion for photography which was one of the main reasons we were up at this silly time, we hit the lake just before 6 to be greeted by what can only be described as a photographer’s dream! Everything was perfect the lake was like 'glass' the sun light was coming over the Fells at just the right time as the colours were just starting to come through, I managed to take some of my favourite set of images I have ever taken! Getting up at 5 was well worth it!

Lake District at Sunrise

We started the circular walk going round the left side of the lake towards Hassness country house, we were the only people on the lake at this time very lucky!

Just down from the House you come across a small rock-cut section of tunnel allowing for the path around the shoreline which was carved out in the 19th century by a Manchester Mill owner.

Once we past through this narrow tunnel, without hitting our heads we stopped at this perfect location for another photo slightly closer than before as the sun started to come through and finally, a coffee break. The coffee we used for this adventure was our Ethiopian Djimma a smooth medium dark coffee with a great aroma, ideal for what was now a 10 degrees chilly morning.


‘’Great’’ The matches are soggy not the best timing unable to light our stove. But my wife Casey remembered this Paracord Survival Bracelet off amazon with a Flint & Steel Fire Starter on it! Previously called ‘’Pointless waste of money’’ by me turned out to be the only way to light our stove! Much to my amazement, after our Bear grills moment, the water was boiled in under a minute using our Jet boil, the coffee was already ground for my Aeropress,  poured the coffee in gave it a stir waited a minute or two pressed the plunger down. Just the right amount of water needed and a great way to have a fresh coffee and a biscuit or two while exploring.


Leaving no rubbish behind we continued our walk starting to see a few more people jogging and walking their dogs, onwards around the right side of the lake. At around 9ish the sun was now above Robinson Peak much warmer than earlier this morning. As you walk around this route there are lots of great places for our 3year old spaniel Myla to swim which she was super happy about it and very hard to get out the lake once in!

Lake Buttermere at sunrise

Walking back approaching 4.5 miles, the now very busy car park, in full sun the lake still looking amazing! Time to have some food before onwards to Scale Force waterfall!  

This Post is not sponsored by Aeropress or Jet boil. However, if you like the coffee we used or the Aeropress this can be found via our online shop. All photos are taken via me and are copyrighted.




  • Roger Wilson

    Great blog, really well presented. Images look amazing.

  • Roger Wilson

    Great blog, really well presented. Images look amazing.

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