The Roastery:

The Roastery:

Tropic Coffee Ltd has been blending and roasting fine coffee for nearly 40 Years.

Our Roaster

Our one of only three working late 1950s 76kg Whitmee ‘Open flame’ roaster is a legacy of Great British Engineering. The cast iron bodied roaster features a perforated drum with the gas flame apertures in the Centre of the drum rather than underneath it, therefore a truly direct flame. We believe roasting is a unique skill that is easy to pick up, but takes years to master. Thankfully we've been roasting for years. Drum roasted coffees have a much richer and fuller mouth feel. 

coffee roasting

Raw coffee Delivery 

One of our favorite days at tropic is when the coffee arrives. This photo is of 110 Bags of raw coffee which arrived thankfully on a sunny morning! We have over 25 varieties of coffee here not including Tropic's own blends. 
raw coffee delivery

The Roastery Shop

Our store is based at the in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. At the store we have a full range of freshly roasted coffees available as well as many loose leaf teas. As well as a number of brewing methods including Aeropress! We can also grind your coffee to your specification or you can have whole beans. You will also find our selection of coffee machines for barista training and sales. Including CONTI & Sanremo which are one of the few stockiest in Norfolk & Suffolk. 

retail shop

Coffee Machines

No Amount Too Large or Small

Whatever your business, we are the perfect wholesalers. The result of all these years sourcing, roasting and selling is that we know how to consistently create the same amazing tasting coffees over and over again - and that is essential to you and your customers. No amount is too large or too small, and we truly believe we are unrivalled in our commitment to the perfect roast and creating that signature Tropic depth of flavour.

packing machines


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