Peruvian Gr.1 Chanchamayo Coffee
Peruvian Gr.1 Chanchamayo Coffee
Peruvian Gr.1 Chanchamayo Coffee
Peru coffee sacks

Peruvian Gr.1 Chanchamayo Coffee

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Peruvian (Grade 1) Chanchamayo Coffee has a medium acidity, it's light-bodied with delicate floral notes. Chanchamayo produces approximately 40% of Peru’s total coffee production. This coffee is grown using a typical small-holder model with each small-holder producing less than a tonne of coffee per harvest.

Peruvian coffee is typically dry processed.

Peru is grown at least 1,200 meters above sea level.

Available grinds:

    Whole coffee bean
    Cafetiere coffee
    Filter coffee
    Aeropress coffee
    Espresso coffee

All our coffee is roasted at our independent family-run coffee roastery business in Norfolk, UK.

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