Papua New Guinea Coffee

Papua New Guinea Coffee

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Papua New Guinea Coffee is a clean, lively winey acidity, medium body, chocolate, almonds, and citrus notes.  More than 90% of the coffee grown in Papua New Guinea is on smallholder farms or small village "coffee gardens", while the rest are grown on large plantations, and there's a distinct difference in their taste profiles, largely due to the way the beans are processed.  More than two million people in Papua New Guinea depend on coffee either directly or indirectly for their livelihood.

Papua New Guinea accounts for approximately 1% of the world's production of coffee.

Harvest period Dec-April.

Growing altitude 1350+ M.A.S.L 

Available grinds:

    Whole coffee bean
    Cafetiere coffee
    Filter coffee
    Aeropress coffee
    Espresso coffee

All our coffee is roasted at our independent family-run coffee roastery business in Norfolk, UK.


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