One of our most rare and sort after coffee’s

The layout of numerous small Kona coffee farms and mountain terrain requires the coffee cherries to be picked by hand.

Hawaiian Kona coffee

Grown in the North and South districts of Kona, on the Island of Hawaii. Located on the golden Kona Coast, only a small number of Kona coffee farms exist. Greenwell farm established in 1850.

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Kona Coffee from Hawaii – What Makes it So Special?

It’s handpicked, pulped, dried, and hulled then graded by size and shape. The best of this best type of coffee is Extra Fancy, but each of the variations are sundried and roasted according to the specific results that are required. Kona Is roasted Tropic's medium dark which is perfect to bring out the flavours and character of this superb coffee. Although all Kona Coffee is not created equally and tree variety, roast level and processing method will all change the final result in the cup, universally Kona Coffee is considered to have a floral aroma, a bright natural sweetness, and have little or no bitterness.

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How Is Kona Coffee Processed?

 The selected coffee cherries are run through a pulper, which uses pressure to separate the outer skin and pulp from the seed that’s inside. Next, a wet process is used for fermentation, which means the coffee beans are soaked in water for 12 to 24 hours. After that, the Kona coffee beans are rinsed and laid out in the Hawaiian sun to dry for a week or two. Once dried, the beans are polished and sorted. A vibrating table is turned on. It uses gravity to separate inferior beans from the lot. Sorting happens accordingly to standards set out by Hawaii department. It’s during this step in the process that different grades of beans are identified. Once graded, the coffee is placed in 100-pound bags and assigned a quality grade consistent with the green bean standards in Hawaii.

Our coffee is 100% Kona and not a blend. 

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